Photo Credit: Santhosh Kumar

I describe myself as unique and creative. I have always been fascinated and inspired by photography. I discovered this passion in my teens. I used to take random photos with a basic phone camera. Thanks to my family and friends who appreciated my work, which motivated me to learn further. I have developed an interest in photography, especially through action figures. I love to see the world in miniature and give life to my collectible toys.

Design Career

I had multiple options to choose my career, but I chose design as my career option. And I'm happy about it; this makes me stay creative, try novel ideas, be a learner at all times, and practice what I learn.

I worked closely with book authors and was able to deliver best-selling book covers. They are up on sell in all ecommerce sites. I worked with Nat Geo Kids magazine and was also the design head of the project, and I was able to attract more projects from the client and was successful in bringing revenue to the company.

UX Design

The day I discovered the Design Thinking I started to empathize more than ever. I began to put myself in the shoes of others in order to understand what they were going through. UX designing has become so meaningful to me, I personally concerned about others and people around me and society. This is helping me discover the problems around me and strive to find better solutions. 
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